My Own Private Guantanamo

An American Citizen with NO Rights being DEAD RIGHT, LEFT for DEAD and NOW the LIVING DEAD.

This website is under construction and as such will as TIME and STRENGTH allow ... be updated.  

The prelude "
Grant Graza and Me - What Do you Say to a Crazy Person?"
was written by another regarding the case, lack of care, lack of humanity, etc and as such I was not priviledged to
correct or adjust ... and as such serves as an illustration therefore please treat as "FICTION" unless you see
something that points otherwise for you to base your decision upon.

Please note that if the "
STORY" strikes particular interest,concern, fascination or maybe even HORROR and
TERROR ... I as the author of the site would NOT reject nor consider myself alone and too proud to accept any
kindness (
link)  for as the "STORY" unfolds the need for my medical care will become obvious in addition to

I would rather DIE in an attempt to CORRECT and bring forward these issues than to "GO BACK", do the
"WRONG THING", and continue the UNACCOUNTABILITY and effect NO CHANGE.

*** For Evil to exist ... GOOD MEN must stand IDLY by. ****  

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Grant Graza and Me - What Do you Say to a Crazy Person?
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Nurse Ratch Response
(Note the DATE)    Page 1

"Ratched Response" Article in San Francisco Bay Guardian
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Stop the Presses: Nancy Pelosi's Help   Page 1   Page 2

Sheriff's Office, Sunshine, Ethics Commission,Human Rights
Commission, Patient Advocacy, Inc re: Nurse Ratch
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Partial Paperwork - Federal Court Case C02-3485PJH
Note: "Justice for the RICH" ... and "JUST THIS" for ME - Self-Representation

Defendant Response :
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Defendant Reply :  Page 1   Page 2
Plaintiff's Memo (P&A) :   Page 1   Page 2   Page 3    Page 4

"Confession" / Settlement Agreement between Office of Inspector
General and CCSF.  (Note the Date page 5 & 6)
(Note the INNOCENT VINDICATED VICTIM was not a party TO the settlement JUST the party OF.)
(Note the DATE)    
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"Crazy: This is nuts: A bizarre tale of the insanity that is SF's mental
health system" by JB Powell
published in the San Francisco Bay Guardian dated June 26, 2007.  
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